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Phaedra Parks was named as the source of outrageous claims that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker once planned on drugging and raping co-star Porsha Williams.Porsha, 35, herself admitted during Sunday's third part of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion that she had been told about it by Phaedra, 43.I'm excited to see what Cookie does with her new status, especially in the absence of Lucious, however long he's absent.

When you first aired the pilot, did you expect to a certain degree this kind of success? I don't think anyone would dare to expect this kind of success. I really believed in it even before I became involved, when I saw the pilot. But beyond that, we haven't even begun to break stories for season two.As Kandi explained the story, Sheree wondered why Porsha was taking the fall alone when Phaedra Parks had actually been the one who first said Kandi was hooking up with Shamea.(There was also tension between Porsha and Kandi because Porsha had claimed Kandi was a lesbian …but it was Phaedra who might have been responsible for that accusation.) In other words, it was one big mess. Porsha: Round 1Kandi told the group that Porsha had accused her of having a sex dungeon and, more seriously, had claimed that Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, had tried to drug her and Shamea so they could take them back to their house and have their way with the women.It was pretty clear that no one was buying that story from Porsha. "I was like beer goggles on 1,000 and she was sober, so blame it on the Henney," Porsha said to the camera.Jamal's (Jussie Smollett) in charge of the Empire, but will he hold onto his seat now that his brothers are planning a hostile takeover? It's thrilling and really gratifying [to see the ratings climb every week].


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