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Download (32 bit) Download (64 bit) For this to work with skype you will need to download the 32 bit version (skype is 32 bit only) We've developed a virtual webcam driver so you can use any of the cameras you add into ispy in applications like Skype, Messenger, Flash, web conferencing tools etc.It's free and what's more, with an ispy subscription you can use this driver remotely. To clear your configuration remove your login details from settings and click "Get Cameras" again.

Try one of the chat rooms and you will understand what is meant...

You can uninstall the driver at any time by running in the same archive.

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My conversation with the sales rep was very educational, and within a day or two, I made the decision to go with RTV.

After receiving my gear, I was in business immediately, and was able to save face with my clients who had already paid me for the one-shot lens tours.


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