Sonam kapoor dating cyrus sahukar marathi dating uk

Nitin, a co-inhabitant and street fighter, is responsible for making her blind. He along with his friends now work towards trying to make her dream come true.

After several paid promo’s of India’s Got Talent, will they find true love ? I found the Mumbaiyya bhasha disconcerting at first but jokes like “aajkal respect ki koi valuech hi nahin hai” or ‘Bhai, aapka parcel’ (referring to Deepika) settled me in.

The training sequences of Deepika and Neil Nitin are fun, songs are good (keep the mood light and have a nice rhythm to them), Deepika does a good job, the friends are credible. Apart from some nice tunes (special mention of Man Lafanga here), perhaps…

Before Aisha-producer Rhea Kapoor begins her second film, the remake of the 1980 film Khoobsurat, starring her sister Sonam Kapoor, she has started shooting for a new online celebrity chat show titled On the Bench, which will see film personalities being grilled while seated on a wooden bench.

We've seen love blossoming on film sets many times in the past.

These actors hang out with non-filmi crowd and also fall in love with the very same non-filmi people.

Going by the latest reports, Sonam Kapoor too has joined that bandwagon.

Hosted by former vj and actor Cyrus Sahukar, the show will be aired on the Internet and made available on You Tube.

The larger-than-life film sets, the mushy love stories and the oh-so-romantic songs, Bollywood is all about the filmi feel.


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