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As a general rule of thumb: if your SAN box will hold strictly familial data (i.e.

you don't use it for supporting commercial activities / generating financial profits) you should be entitled to freely use OSE 11.

The remote volume resides on a RAID-Z ZFS pool (zvol).

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is entered, then Windows Power Shell® calculates an optimum throttle limit for the cmdlet based on the number of CIM cmdlets that are running on the computer.

This offer requires end-user product registration for activation.

In this lab we are experimenting with a Funtoo Linux machine that mounts a remote volume located on a Solaris machine through i SCSI.

The value is * specified in tenths of a second for which the banner should appear. * * ROM_BANNER_TIMEOUT controls the "Press Ctrl-B to configure i PXE" * banner displayed only by ROM builds of i PXE during POST.

This * defaults to being twice the length of BANNER_TIMEOUT, to allow for * BIOSes that switch video modes immediately before calling the * initialisation vector, thus rendering the banner almost invisible * to the user.


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