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Last year she revealed how difficult it was for her to come forward with the allegations, as she has become friends with Deen in the years since the incident.It allegedly took place on the set of one of her first films.She added: 'The streets are safer with cameras to catch thugs like him in action.'Ashleigh and Cann met through Facebook in October and dated for two months prior to his attack on December 22.At 2am Ashleigh noticed Cann waiting outside her house in his MG ZR.The thug then bundled her into his car and in a two-hour ordeal beat Ashleigh with a log before she managed to run for more than a mile despite her injuries in order to escape.

The main character of the erotic thriller was pretty femme fatale nymphet Chris (Valerie Kaprisky), a sexually-fixated, vixenish female who was symbolically compared to a stinging jellyfish with a fatal sting. She reasoned about how he could use the date as an alibi: "You could use this as an alibi... "She follows me, tracks me down, owns me, snubs me. " He dismissed her without answering directly: "You don't interest me. [She knew that he had a history of sensitivity to stings and anaphylactic shock.] She decided to become "Salome" by performing a dance in front of him: "If you call me Salome, I must be her type." She stripped down completely naked, turned on boom-box music, and shook her breasts at him.

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There were only two basic instances of nudity - a gratuitous girls' locker room and shower scene, and a few quick glimpses of nude female slasher victim Lana (Graem Mc Gavin) who asked her potential killer: "What are you waiting for, honey? " - before her body was discovered by Angel, bloodied in the shower. It's pathetic." He then predicted what her future life would be in a derogatory and demeaning manner.

This pretty-to-look-at exploitation film, a tale of sexual intrigue from France, based on writer/director Christopher Frank's own book, masqueraded as an art-house film. He even compared her to her mother: "You'll never have your mother's charm and intensity."She retorted: "Your job is to f--k chicks, so f--k me." He refused even though she said she loved him.


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