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I have no doubt that she was correct, and clearly in the aftermath, news teams most likely did serve valuable functions.

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We’re there on the ground with our enormous crew in every country you know running around, and it’s an amazing thing.

Why are we so mesmerized by watching the terrifying reality of someone’s neighborhood, if not entire town, becoming devastated?

What keeps us glued to the weekly escapades of chefs, dancers, singers, babies, and outdoor adventurers?

It was while watching a tornado report on a network news show that I got the idea of finding out whether a rash of reality show voyeurism is in fact sweeping the country, if not the world.

The reporter, having spent the night chasing tornados, said that her work was more than "weather voyeurism," insisting that by covering the impending disaster about to strike in Oklahoma, her station’s efforts were partnering with emergency notification systems.


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