Is tess taylor still dating max

Both Taylor and Neiers were aspiring Playboy Playmates.

While it's fun to watch the extroverted, confident characters flirt and date, there is something special about watching Derek and Taylor fall for each other.

They've already been on their first date, spend most of their time snuggling on beach couches, and seem to be the most stable couple in Paradise.

So, are Taylor and Derek still together after without huge raucous social circles to greet them and spent most of their time together as a result.

Lutz and his friend/business partner Ryan Daly petitioned to have National Vision Board Day officially recognized in June 2015 and it gained National Day status that July.

You can read all about their well-documented love of vision boards (this is not a joke; their belief in the power of vision boarding is Adele-level rolling in the deep) on their website, National Vision Board


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