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” when he’d finished with them – fell awkwardly flat.

Licensing chiefs stepped in after the “Bag A Slag, Grab A Hag” promotion sparked outrage.

She told Teen Vogue: 'I guess everybody's got their thing, so they're just like, "Oh, she's a singer, that's her thing.2 They honestly don't think it's a big deal.

Everybody jokes about it.'When she first rose to fame, Tallia was synonymous with big, gravity-defying hair and wacky outfits, but her look has matured as time has gone on.

Less sweet was tea lady Hayley, who got “hammered” at the same speed-dating bash and vomited in the car park the next morning. ” she mumbled, making a half-hearted effort to clean up and kicking leaves over the detritus.

He splashed out £500 setting up a speed-dating night, warned off the company Casanova (a slimy South African called Dwayne) and sent her off on a wholesome cake-making date with a quieter, more suitable chap.

She added a grunge feel to the outfit thanks to a large silver statement necklace, and a slick of matte taupe lipstick.He tickled, wrestled and led singalongs ("Mr Brightside, The Killers, C-sharp. His conversation was crammed with teeth-gnashingly annoying one-liners: “Swallow that frown”, “Smile as you dial”, “Put some glide in your stride” and worst of all, “S. Toe-curlingly excruciating at times, he was vicariously fixated on employees half his age (they averaged 26, he’s 53) “getting laid”. “It looks like bird s**t now.” Rarely for such documentaries these days, The Call Centre didn't look down on anyone.Tallia, who first caught Sir Elton John's attention when she was just 13, wore her blonde mane in a touseled style.The pop star previously revealed that her classmates were cool with her pursuing her dreams of stardom.Just how young partner violence starts, though, is shocking.


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