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Kim Breedlove was born in 1949, near here, in Lafayette Indiana.

The next year his family moved to San Diego, California and in 1960 he was playing in a little league with the future famous Hawaiian luthier, James Goodall, and even studied art with Goodall's mother!

Kim then received his bachelor's degree in art, drawing, and painting from Long Beach State University in 1972.

To celebrate, he took a surfing trip to Mexico and after visiting the guitar-making town of Peracho he decided to become an instrument builder.

Back during the "dark days" of Gibson and Martin in the mid-70s, Mossman was consistently making high quality hand built guitars.

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If you are considering placing a custom order, your dealer will be able to provide you with a price quote and time frame for delivery.Their guitars were made by Harmony and while branded with the Weymann name were not serialized.The tone of the Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar is what separates it from all other guitars.You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. Unfortunately, we do not sell instruments directly from our shop.Speaking of strange intertwinements of time and places, my best friend in High School that I also played in a band with, was Clarke Kawakami.


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